This winter is time to origami

Overlapping lines and weaves that define models with a unique but essential style. Origami are the inspiration for the style and the unique design of our autumn winter 2018/2019 collection of shoes.

The art of origami is a real dance of hands that for this season we have linked to the artisanal but innovative design of our shoes. The term Origami indicates the art of folding paper and is a true creative act that leads to the birth of an object that never existed before, “the realization of an ideal concept” affirmed the innovative father of this art, Akira Yoshizawa.

And each of our footwear is unique and enhanced not only by design inspired by this art but also by the artisan technique with which it is made in Italy. The word comes from the Japanese Oru 折 (bend) from Kami 紙 (paper). The word Kami, with a different ideogram but with the same pronunciation, also means spirit and divinity: this overlap binds the art of origami with spirituality. In fact, even if the birth of the card dates back to more than 2000 years ago in China, it is in Japan that this art develops through the tradition of binding with ropes in the temples of the sheets with prayers so that the wind can bring them closer to the gods.

The ideogram of the KI indicates something that is both material and immaterial. If we break it down into two parts, the top of the ideogram means steam, smoke, the bottom of uncooked rice, ki is therefore a thin substance (like steam) that comes from a raw material (like rice), as well as origami comes from a simple sheet of paper. Even during wedding ceremonies it was customary to stick paper butterflies to sake cups with which the newlyweds toasted. Some, however, trace the origins of the origami to the ceremonies of the auspicious gift of the mosci-awabi to the samurai, a particular mollusk symbol of immortality.

Three traditional forms of origami: a male butterfly, a stylized female and the frog, symbol of returning home and therefore of good wishes. In the West, however, the first European model of origami is a sparrow that moves its wings when its tail is pulled and to which we are inspired as the starting point of our collection.Gabriel Garcia Lorca dedicates a poem to this little bird of origami:

“¡Oh pajarita de papel! Águila de los niños. Con las plumas de letras, sin palomo y sin nido.” (Pajarita de papel, Libro de Poemas, 1921)

Folds combined in an infinite variety of ways to create models of shoes essential, minimal but unique both in style and design that, in our philosophy and mission, always remains synonymous with tradition and innovation made in Italy.

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