The meeting between nature and human for the 19/20 fall winter

Our new autumn winter 19/20 collection is online and becomes an expression of the encounter between the power of nature and the buildings of man.

Within old industrial sheds and abandoned factories, nature peeps out and imposes itself by interweaving the rusted irons and chains of an evolved past, which however becomes a witness of an industrial progress not always in line with the environment. And it is from this contrast that our design is born, where the human and natural elements begin to merge while maintaining their own identities. Almost starting from a Bauhausian approach, the details and lines of our shoes define this game of contrast but at the same time of harmony between nature and man.

Two main themes stand out: the theme of the ginkgo biloba, whose leaves are the detail of the Beijing model women’s sneakers, and the weaving theme that we find in the braided Ibiza model sandal and in the Papeete model sneakers. The rosy colors, the laminates and the reddish shades predominate our collection which, however, draws strength from the metal element present above all in the man. The novelty of this collection is the Moorea model sneakers for men and women composed of a woven and non-woven upper which, combining as nature and man, gives life to a unique and essential design.

“The leaf of this tree from the east entrusted to my garden, secret senses makes you taste to the wise, and comfort him. It is perhaps a living creature who has split up? they are two who have decided to manifest in one? To give the question an answer, the right way I find: do not hear, in my songs, which are one and together are they double?”

J. W. von Goethe (1749-1832)

Goethe wrote this poem for Marianne von Willemer. He wrote it on a sheet of paper where he pasted two crossed gingko biloba leaves. It was 1815 that this “living fossil” fascinated for its shape, split but unique, existing in nature, a pivotal conce.

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