The perfect interlock between the unexpected and the colors of summer paradises

Kneeling waves, wind muscles, vertical towers like crystals, the cathedral hanging from a star, the cathedral which is a huge spike with prayers […] “ -Jorge Luis Borge, Majorca, 1921- There was no other name that could be attributed to this impressive sandal “Majorca“, as the inspiration island of many writers and poets. Everything in Majorca is revealed … the secrets of pastel-colored houses, warm summer tones, gardens and old garages that pop up among the perfect houses. Majorca, with its turquoise sea, the soft stretches of sand and the rocky promontories tinted by the golden sun is also revealed as a nocturnal island of entertainment. A place that recalls the mood of our Spring Summer collection, also inspired by Miami. The best thing in Miami is that you don’t expect it. Even if you’ve seen all the American TV series, it’s not as you think. It’s almost sunset and the tropical light is still dazzling, the sea is calm, more transparent than expected. There is still time for the night, when the neon lights come on. From here, the sandal “Majorca“, in multicolor leather with live cuts. The model plays with the overlays and the joints of the upper. The individual leather elements that make up the modeling are highlighted by the lissed edges for a dynamic three-dimensional effect.

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