The headband of wonders for summer 2019

The most popular accessory of all, inevitable for this summer 2019, is certainly the headband. Padded or not, it is back and has already attracted a lot of attention in the fashion world.

Many fashion houses have rediscovered and reinterpreted it, enriching the look of many crowned heads. But the origins of this accessory are very ancient. The headband, best known by all is surely the “Alice band”, of English style whose name refers to the little circle with bow of Alice in Wonderland, Disney movie of 1951.

But the history of the headband has begun for centuries, even among the Mesopotamian peoples, whose women wore thin bands in their hair to keep them in order. Soon after, among the Greeks and the Romans, when the laurel wreaths adorned the heads also of real mythological figures. They were, and still are, a symbol of intellectual and physical prowess. Only in the medieval centuries did the passion for the crown of flowers develop.

If then we look at the 20th century, the evolution of the circle has increasingly reflected the evolution of society over time. In the 1920s, the circles and bands were worn by that generation of women who decided to get rid of traditional fashion and to volumize the short cuts that were popular at the time. Very appreciated also in silent films, they have become protagonists of many films. How not to remember the sea of feathers on the sparkling bands of “The Great Gatsby”.

It was in the 1930s that Coco Chanel developed her “effortless band” to wear with studs and white trousers. Later, in the 1940s, during the Second World War, the headbands and bands were used by women, especially in the workplace, when their presence in the world of work increased dramatically. The most representative image of those years is the red bandana worn by Rosie The Riveter who still affirms the extraordinary power of women “We can do it”.

Only after the war the small circle returned to being an ornamental accessory to be combined with teased hairstyles, such as Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn who usually wore a headband.

Later, in the 1970s; the bands and the headbands became velvet and have been increasingly used as a sports accessory, especially in tennis courts. Let’s not forget the colored bands by Olivia Newton John and the leg warmers.

And then the 90s to the present day, when princesses and duchesses rediscovered the regal use of headbands and headbands, just like Kate Middleton. And why not .. we could wear it too, with a nice pair of sandals or décolleté and feel a bit “real” just like them for a while.

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