From the American Indians, the moccasin is a symbol of elegance and comfort

“Before judging a person walks for three moons in his moccasins.” – American Indians-

The Indians of North America invented the ancestors of the moccasins (penny loafer, in English). They bandaged their feet with a piece of soft leather that rose on their sides. In the Algonquan language, the one spoken by the Redskins, the term “footwear” is translated precisely with the term “moccasin”.

The shape of the moccasin more similar to the modern one spreads since 1932. The Spaulding family begins to produce footwear inspired by those of the Norwegian milk milking machines. The shoes of these workers, in turn, are inspired by those of the Lapps. They, unlike those of the Indians, wear shoes made from different pieces of leather sewn together.

The moccasin marks the boom in the ’30s and in the’40s, Fred Astaire, well-known American dancer, adopts loafers even when he dances the tap-tip and throws them like shoes to wear even with the tailcoat. To contribute significantly to the spread of the moccasin, however, is the use made by university students. They begin to adopt them as a comfortable accessory to wear with informal clothing. It is during this period that, in the USA, the moccasin is renamed with the name of “penny loafer”: this is because university students have the habit of introducing a penny inside the lip-shaped mask. The moccasins become informal footwear, a symbol of elegance.

During this period the F.lli Rossetti reinterpreted the “loafers” and replaced the mouthguard with a metal application. They also treat the skin by applying an unprecedented nuanced-antique effect. In 1968, the Rossetti aestheticized the revolutionary spirit and launched the yacht moccasin, covered in terry cloth to be worn without socks, and the one reworked in the shape of a boot or sandal. The return of the “penny loafer” takes place in the mid-eighties, when, in the fashion world, there is a revival of the American casual style of the mid-twentieth century. With the passing of time and fashion, penny loafers increasingly become a combination of elegance and comfort. The glamorous evening version is also created by the F.lli Rossetti. And we are inspired by these stories, these traditions to create a new product. The sophisticated overlap and interlocking effect expresses at best the innovative design enhanced by soft leather and lissing. A unique shoe, with a refined taste, made with the high-quality Goodyear processing technique.

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