The elegance of GinKgo

“ The leaves of this tree, entrusted by the East to my garden,
they conceal secret senses that the wise know how to understand”


Inspiration pays tribute to nature from which it manages to achieve what it seeks and desires.
The Ginkgo series is a literary quote inspired by nature, an accessory that can be read, rich in continuous sensorial references that enhance the research, also cultural, which is part of the work of every designer.

You can write not only with paper and ink but also with fabrics, leathers, shapes and colors; what this combination offers us is an artistic object of great quality, beautiful to look at and to watch, which helps us to define and express our identity.

This refined proposal is a mix of luxury , craftsmanship , technology and culture , which find a harmony between them to confirm the charm of a quality all Italian of great value, with a unique style, which offers experiences to live and wear.

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