“Casablanca” is 77 years old and ispires fashion

An absolute masterpiece. “Casablanca” turns 77 and still inspires fashion today. This film transcends the concept of film production and when it was released in theaters, back in 1942, it enchanted the audience. The irresistible charm of Ingrid Bergman and the magnetic gaze of Humphrey Bogart make Casablanca a worldwide success.

And it will be the ethereal Ingrid with her Moroccan-inspired looks that inspires fashion. And it is precisely fashion that occupies one of the dominant positions that emerge within the film, considered by many to be a film with true and proper foresight.

The costumes chosen reveal all the freshness of clothes worn almost in a context of tropical shades. The looks enclose the origin of the volumes of Giorgio Armani and the softness of the fabrics of Jacquemus and the textile flair of many other designers.

Bergman’s first appearance is a sensual and delicate vision that immediately strikes with the optic white of her pants and shirt. And then the suits with a narrow bust characterized almost by a rigid structuralism always coordinated with the environment and the surrounding Moroccan culture. Very elegant palazzo pants with a waistband matched with light-weight shirts.

Casablanca has made fashion, transforming the detail, from an accessory, to a real protagonist, like almost transparent straw hats and pins. The film has always been considered as a real school dogma, a space-time micro-cosmos to which most designers, even today, are inspired.

“But have you ever wondered if it’s really worth it, if the game is worth the candle? It would be like asking why we breathe. If we do not breathe we die, if we cease to fight the world would perish. And what does it matter? Thus would his miseries end. Do you know who you look like? To a man who tries to convince himself of something he does not believe. Everyone has his destiny, be it good or bad. Yes, I understand well. It would not be said. Instead, you would say that you are trying to escape yourself: you will never succeed. ”

“Casablanca, 1942”

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