Fall Winter 2019: the Blazer, the history and the perfect shoe for a timeless jacket.

The blazer is definitely the protagonist of this fall 2019. Casual but also elegant, combined with the right footwear it creates perfect day looks, but also for the evening. The blazer, in its origin, is a double-breasted jacket up to half a thigh of light black or blue flannel with brass buttons.

There are several versions about the origin of this jacket a little longer. According to some it was born with the “red blazer”, sports jackets in bright colors worn by the teams that rowed in Cambridge.

According to others, the blazer was born in 1837, when the ship’s captain HMS, Blazer, decided to dress his crew in navy blue double-breasted jackets with brass buttons.

Finally, according to a new trend, the jacket took its name from the striped “blazes”, country jackets from the 70s of the nineteenth century.

Set aside for a while, the blazers returned to wear during the fifties, when a group of English students decided to wear more elegant uniforms during school.

But it is in 1975 that Giorgio Armani consecrates them and brings them back into fashion, dressing Richard Gere with blazer suits in the famous film American Gigolo. Perhaps there has never been a scene in the history of the most aspirational cinema of this. Who wouldn’t want to be Julian Kay who combines various clothes and chooses his blazer? The wardrobe is entirely by Giorgio Armani, precisely because the designer had signed all the costumes for the Paul Schrader film.

At the end of the 2000s, blazers became increasingly colorful, a true fashion trend for women to wear, however, according to certain rules for a perfect look.

Not all shoes are suitable for this casual yet elegant jacket. A plaid blazer, for example, could be worn with white sneakers, while beige and light pink colors would be perfect with a log. The double-breasted is instead perfect with a décolleté, with a heel sandal or with a high boot. There are also proposals for men’s blazers, to be worn with the famous “boat shoes” to once again create a link with the origin of this inevitable garment.

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